5 Things I've Been Loving This Week

by - March 30, 2016

It was hard narrowing it down to 5 but I think I made it. All these 5 products are things I've been using A LOT and loving. Hope you can find here something to love as well!

make me brow - Essence
I had never tried a brow gel like this. I haven't tried many brow gels to be honest but this one is the best one I've tried so far and trust me I've tried some high-end ones. This makes your brows look amazing, it makes them look full and in place and it doesn't make them look harsh or hard to touch. This is absolutely amazing.

Angled Brush
I've been loving angled brushes. I discovered so many purposes for an angled brush and now I can't stop using them. Definately a staple on everyone's makeup brushes collection. This one in the picture is from Catrice and it's double ended, with a blending brush on the other end.

Pencil Sharpner - Essence
I've never used a makeup appropriate sharpner because I always thought a regular one was good enough. And even knowing the normal sharpner was ruining my lip liners and eye liners I still thought that the makeup ones were gonna do the same. I was so wrong. After a really long time ruining liners I decided to get a proper sharpner and I got the least expensive one I found, just in case I hated it. But I didn't hate it. I love it! All I wanna do now is sharpen my liners... it's my new favourite hobbie!

Fit Me Concealer - Maybelline
I know I said I wasn't gonna buy any more non cruelty-free brands but this was a last minute emergency. I needed something that had a great coverage, that was cheap and quick to go buy so I decided I'd get this one since everybody was raving about it. This concealer is the best one I've tried so far. It has great coverage, doesn't crease AT ALL and has a great colour because it's yellow toned so it matches me perfectly. I love it so much and I really wish Maybelline didn't test on animals...

Jumbo Lip Pencil - Basic Cosmetics
You know I love Basic and this time I decided I'd try out their jumbo lip pencils. I was looking for a bright pink colour or a lavander/purple colour and when I saw this amazing colour I had to get it. It was like it had been made for me. It's a beautiful bright pink with a hint of purple, but it's not too bright. If I apply it lightly I get a more matte shade and if I go hard on it I get a more creamy texture. I love this and I'm sure I'll be getting more of these in the future.

Cruetly-free and vegan: Essence, Catrice, Basic Cosmetics

I hope you're having a great day,
Marta Ribeiro

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