My Journal Entry #1

by - February 08, 2016

Writing has always been a passion of mine ever since I was little. I've always loved reading and writing my own stories and as I got older I had less and less time to do things I was so passionate about. Until I found an article with 365 writing prompts. I don't do these everyday but I try to do them as often as possible. I find this a good way to keep my creativity flowing and to do something that makes me happy at the same time. I know that most of my readers probably aren't interested in reading the stuff I write but I feel like this might appeal to a lot of people and who knows I might even get a new audience with this. I won't be posting my journal entries very often as I like to keep my fashion and beauty posts as the stars on this blog but I feel like my journal would give great lifestyle posts. Today I'll be posting the first entry. Keep in mind I'm no professional writer and these are just things I do for fun and posting them here is a way of maybe inspiring othe people to write too or to just entertain someone who likes to read and because english isn't my first language please excuse any errors and politely educate me in the comment section. I hope you enjoy!


The wind howled through the window. The girl sat huddling her knees waiting for the storm to be over. Outside, the tree branches moved in scary shapes. The night would soon be gone and sunshine would light up the city, bringing happiness and warmth. But not everyone would make it through the night. Looking at the closed door, she could see shadows moving. Closing her eyes and telling herself it wasn't real countless times did not make her feel better. Every night she had the same nightmare. But tonight was different. It seemed like the nightmare had come to life. A lightning bolt had striked a nearby tree and the sound made the girl jump. It was followed by a loud noise outside her room. Her heart beat fast as she got up and opened the door, finding her parents' room's door open. Carefully, she stepped in and saw an empty bed, an open window and blood stains on the carpet. She wanted to scream but her voice wouldn't come out. With hands on her throat, she saw a shadow coming behind her. Feeling something close to her ear, she heard "Go back to bed". Breathing heavily and with closed eyes, she turned around. Opening her eyes and walking to her room, she went back to bed and tried to sleep, hoping she could wake up from this neverending nightmare.


I know many people won't really care about the actual meaning of this story but I know many people are probably finding this short story confusing. So let me explain it to you. It was all a dream. If you're wondering "why did she go back to bed and not try to find her parents? why didn't she call the police?" it was all a nightmare and she knew it because the same one happened every night.
I like to write the kind of stories that make people think about what it actually means because I feel like the reader should complete the story according to their life experience and their visions and the meaning of a story can be very different from one person to another. So if your meaning was different than mine, good and if you weren't able to find a meaning for yourself then I suggest you read more and open your mind a bit more and let your imagination flow.

I hope you're having a great day,
Marta Ribeiro xx

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