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by - February 15, 2016

Today I bring you another post that is just me writing my feelings with no pictures. This time I'm gonna be talking about a very famous website called Feelunique.

Recently I placed an order on their website for the first time. I had already heard a few reviews on it. They were pretty mixed. Some people loved it, others hated it. Some people never had a problem with them, others had a LONG list of problems. Since I only made one order I'm not really sure what my opinion is. Even though judging from this first order, I wouldn't buy on their website again. So after this long introduction, I'll move on to explain what happened.

It was the beginning of a new year and I decided I wanted to buy a few things on the usual after Christmas sales. Since here in Portugal is a bit hard to find some brands I decided I would have to order online. Feelunique is the most complete website I know so I decided I would look it up and see if I wanted anything from there. I noticed some products were sold out so I went on my personal twitter account and said in an informal tone that the products I wanted from Feelunique were sold out. The only reason why I said that was really to get it off my chest because I wouldn't mind checking the website every now and then to see if the products were back in stock. Very kindly, Feelunique replied to my tweet and keep in mind I didn't mention their username on my tweet. I was very impressed when they asked to talk on Direct Messages and apologized for the products being sold out. Like I said, I really didn't mind them being sold out, I know it's normal for that to happen specially that time of year. Another gesture that really impressed me was that they gave me a 15% discount on my purchase when the products came back in stock. I was very happy about that and I felt a bit bad for them because they didn't have to give me a coupon code at all, in my opinion. And in a matter of days the products I wanted came back in stock. So it was Friday the 15th of January and I decided to make the purchase of a few products. On the checkout page I noticed that the normal shipping would take from 3-10 days to arrive so I was really hoping it would arrive as soon as possible. A week went by and I still hadn't gotten my order. I watched a video of a portuguese youtuber say that it took 2 weeks for her orders to come so I thought mine would take the same amount of time. Impatiently, I waited. Again, it's not their fault I'm impatient haha But truth is two weeks had gone by and I still hadn't gotten a package. I decided to tweet Feelunique and ask if there was something wrong. After I gave them my order number through Direct Message they told me that as 10 days had passed my parcel had probably gotten lost in the postal system. At this point I was starting to presume the worst and thinking I was gonna be one of those people who had a really long list of reasons why they would never order from Feelunique again. I thought I was probably never gonna get my parcel and that's pretty scary to me. They offered me 3 options. One of them was to receive a replacement order. Another one was to receive a refund in the form of a gift voucher plus an additional 5%. And the last one was to receive a refund back to the original paying method. I decided to go for the first option and try to get my order again. So, very unpleased, I waited a few days and a week later my parcel was in my hands. The box was extremely damaged and even though only one of the items was more on the fragile side I honestly feared my purchases would be damaged as well. In the end, everything was ok and I'm very happy with everything I got.

So as you can see my experience wasn't entirely bad. The bad things were the fact it got lost and they had to resend it to me and also the fact that the package was in a really bad state. The good things were the kindness from whoever runs the care account and the fact that the items were okay even though the package was very damaged.

With all of that said I really don't know what my opinion is. Based on the whole experience I don't think I'll be buying from Feelunique anytime soon and if I ever do it'll be only products I can't find in my country or any other website that I trust.

If you've ever ordered from Feelunique feel free to write in the comments what your experience was like, whether it was a good or a bad experience.

I hope you're having a great day,
Marta Ribeiro xx

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