Lifestyle Change: 5 Ways to Make Your Day Better!

by - February 22, 2016

Nowadays it seems like good days are kind of like unicorns. Everybody is always so stressed and it's getting harder and harder to have a day full of relaxation and happiness. Today I bring you 5 things you can do to make your days better than ever!

Morning Prep
Preparing yourself for the day ahead is very important because it sets your mood for the day. The best way to wake up is with no alarm. It takes time to train your brain to wake up by itself at a specific time but once you do you'll see it's much easier to get out of bed. As soon as you wake up, wash your teeth. Washing your teeth after getting up is an amazing health tip, because saliva keeps bacteria away from your teeth and over night your mouth dries up which makes it easier for bacteria to get on your teeth so washing them makes your mouth clean and fresh. After washing your teeth, drink a cup of water. Did you know cold water is better at waking you up than coffee? Besides, that cup of water is gonna prepare your stomach for food which makes your metabolism work faster and it's also easier for your body to process food. But make sure to wait 15 minutes before eating breakfast because that's how long it takes for the information that your stomach is woking to get to your brain. So after all this preparation make sure you have a nice healthy breakfast and don't forget to eat it calmly and sitting down. 

Take Breaks
Whatever you're doing, whether it's working or studying, take breaks. The key to keep your creativity and motivation at its best is to take regular breaks. Getting your mind off of whatever you're doing and focus on something else once in a while is gonna make you physically and mentally healthy and more active.

Keep Body and Mind in Sync
To me, the best way to keep your body and your mind in sync is to work out and meditate. Personally I like to work out for 10 minutes and then meditate for 10 minutes right after the workout and I try my best to do this everyday. Working out keeps your blood flowing and your heart beating, burns calories and makes your muscles stronger. Working out is healthy for your body and consequently good for your mind. Meditating is something I never thought would be so good for me. As someone who struggles with anxiety I decided to try out meditation and see how it worked for me. After just a few sessions I noticed a big difference. Meditation is great for anyone who has a busy schedule or any kind of stress or anxiety in their life and it only takes 5 minutes of your day. If you don't really know how to meditate I suggest checking out the app Calm or the website That way your mind will be clearer and relaxed and your body will follow.

Clean Environment
Living in a clean environment is the key to having a relaxed and more positive mind. Most people will do a deep cleanse on their house/work space once in a while but if you do a little bit everyday it will constantly look nice and clean.

Do Something Scary/Be Good to Someone
If you try your best to do something scary and to do something good for someone you will not only feel better about yourself, you'll also grow as a person. Doing something scary can be, like I said, scary but the truth is conquering your fears is a bit like working out. At first you don't really feel like doing it but when you do you thank yourself for doing it. Doing something scary is never something you'll regret so next time you wonder why you should do that scary thing you've been dying to do ask yourself "why not?"! When it comes to doing something good for someone it's something we all know we should do but how often do we really do it? We should try our best to make someone's day better whether it's helping an old lady cross the road or just smiling at a random stranger on the bus, it doesn't matter how big your act of kindness is as long as you take the iniciative to do it.

And these are my 5 tips on how you can have a better day. I have a few more tips that I know that make my day better but these might not work for everyone. Some of them include listening to music, doing something artistic to express myself (I like painting), playing with my dog, writing down my goals and accomplishments, and many others.

I hope you're having a great day,
Marta Ribeiro xx

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