Douglas Mirror Palette REVIEW

by - January 06, 2016

I've wanted a palette like this for a really long time and when I walked by a Douglas store I had to get in. At the time I was searching for a new nude lipstick but instead I found this beauty! I was very reluctant about this palette because most of these have a really poor quality. But I have to say I was very surprised by this one. I got it mainly because of the eyeshadows but all the other products are really good as well. 
The big mirror, that gave this palette its name, is really good and I see myself using it more than any other mirror I own. In the middle there's a gigantic arrangement of eyeshadows, ranging from mattes, glitters, nudes, neons, anything you can think of is there. There are two drawers, one on each side, and a third one at the front. The one on the right has only nude eyeshadows, a bronzer and a blush. The one on the left has lipsticks and lipglosses, a pressed powder and another blush. The one on the front has two tutorials on how to do an evening smokey eye look and an everyday nude look, a black eye liner pencil, a lip liner, two sponge eyeshadow applicators, a lip brush and a flat brush. When it comes to quality, all eyeshadows are extremely pigmented, blendeble and last a long time on the eyelids. The bronzer is the perfect shade for my skin tone and it's not orange. The two blushes are very pigmented and perfect for any occasion. The one on the right is more purple toned and a bit darker, perfect for evenings and nights out and the one on the left is more peachy toned and in a lighter color, perfect for everyday looks. The pressed powder is something that I can't really talk much about because it's not my skin color and I currently use it as a transition shade for my contour(pale girl problems!). The lipsticks and lipglosses are extremely pigmented and even though many of them are matte, they're not drying. It even feels like you've got nothing on your lips! The eye liner pencil isn't as pigmented as I would like and it doesn't last as long as others I own but it's still better than many pencil liners out there. The lip liner is in a shade I never thought I'd use: it's a brick orange toned burgundy color but it's very pigmented and looks beautiful with a red toned lipstick on top of it. When it comes to the sponge eyeshadow applicators I've only used one of them to apply a white shadow on the inner corners of my eyes and it seems as good as any other sponge applicator. The lip brush has an amazing quality. I never really liked lip brushes but now I realise I never liked them because all the ones I had were terrible quality. I love this brush and it's one of the best things about this palette, following the eyeshadows. The flat brush could've been perfect for contour but I don't like it. It's really hard to blend the bronzer with it and its mini size doesn't help either. It's too stiff for blush and pressed powder. I can't really see any use for it but I'll still give it the benefit of the doubt, just in case I find a use for it. 
Overall, this is a great palette and you can do countless looks with it. I definately recommend it and if you wanna see a makeup tutorial with this palette I have a video on my YouTube channel where I use it: 
I hope you're having a great day and don't forget to check out my YouTube channel on friday for a new video,
Marta Ribeiro xx

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