Best Vegan Drugstore Makeup

by - January 20, 2016

Today I bring you a post with the best vegan drugstore makeup products I've ever tried. As someone who's making the transition from non-vegan to vegan cosmetics, this list isn't as long as I would like it to be. For now, these are the best products I can think of. Maybe in the future I'll do an updated version of this post!


Catrice All Matt Plus Foundation in 010 Light Beige
I already made a review on this foundation, therefore I won't take too long now. This is an amazing foundation for oily skin and the coverage is amazing with just two thin layers of it, which is what I usually go for. I would definately recommend this foundation to anyone who has oily skin.

Essence Silky Touch Blush in 10 Adorable
This blush was one of the first makeup items I've ever bought and I still use it today. (Don't worry, I don't have it for that long haha) It has amazing pigmentation, it lasts all day and it's so easy to apply! It suits any skin type, even though I would avoid it if I had dry skin due to it's powdery texture.

Essence Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder in Lighter Skin
This bronzer is an amazing product I've used for ages. It's a bit orange so I wouldn't recommend for paler skintones but since I only use a tiny amount, it looks great on me and warms up my complexion. Even though it's matt, it's suitable for any skin type because it's not too drying on the skin.

Catrice Made To Stay Highlighter Pen in 030 Eye Need!
This highlighter pen was meant to be used as a highlighter on the inner corners of the eyes and on the browbone but I found it so beautiful I tried it on the apples of my cheeks and it works great! It's not the easiest product to blend if you apply it directly on your face, specially if the weather is as cold as it has been here! Usually I apply on the back of my hand and then I apply it on my cheek with my finger. It lasts all day and it's suitable for any skin type.


Catrice Eyeliner Pen
This eyeliner is a recent discovery and I couldn't be happier with it. It's super black, easy to apply, perfect for the kind of cat eye look I like which is a short thick wing. It's bulky felt-tip isn't the best for long fine wings but if that's the kind of look you like I recommend the Essence Super Fine Eyeliner Pen.

The Body Shop Smoky Black Eye Definer
This eyeliner is a bit more expensive than the ones you would usually find in a drugstore counter but I still consider The Body Shop a drugstore brand. This pencil liner is definately the best one I've ever tried. It's super black, lasts all day and it's so creamy it will never hurt your eyes.

Essence All About... Nudes Eyeshadow Palette in 01 Nude
Unfortunately I think these 6 colours palettes will be discontinued and their substitutes are already on the market. I don't know if the new palettes have the same quality as these but if you can grab one of these while they're still here. The eyeshadows are so pigmented and they last a long time, besides being super pretty.


The Body Shop Born Lippy Pot Lip Balm in Satsuma Shimmer
This lip balm is super hydrating, beautiful on the lips and smells and tastes great. In my opinion, lip balms are the kind of thing that don't work for everyone. Some brands work great on some people and not so great on others. I believe this lip balm will work great on many people because I haven't heard one bad review about it. It works great for me and for most people!

The Body Shop Colourglide Lip Colour in 55 Pure Blush
This is one of my favouite lipsticks ever. Not only the colours are beautiful but the pigmentation is amazing, it's moisturazing, it has a satin finish but can be turned to matt if desired. It's incredibly good and I almost had a heart attack when I thought this color (my favourite everyday nude) was gonna be discontinued. Turns out it won't anytime soon so I'm good haha

Catrice Pure Shine Colour Lip Balm in 030 Don't Think Just Pink
This lip balm is an old love of mine. It's categorized as a lip balm but to me it's way more than that. The pigmentation is absolutely fantastic and its glossy finish is beautiful.

Essence Longlasting Lipstick in Coral Calling
This lipstick is amazing and the only complaint I have is the way it applies. When you're applying it, it goes on a bit patchy but you can only see it if you're really close, which I don't believe will happen because who goes around with their eyes glued to other people's lips? Hopefully, the patchyness goes unoticeable and you'll be left with a great lip look.

Basic Cosmetics Lip Gloss
This lipgloss was also one of the first makeup products I've ever bought. At the time I still liked lipgloss. Today, lipglosses are at the bottom of the list when I think of a lip product to wear. These lipglosses though are really good and I consider wearing one sometimes (it's rare but it happens!) The pigmentation is great and even though they're a bit sticky, it's not the kind of stickyness that's uncomfortable. The consistincy is a bit thick but it's comfortable and it feels super hydrating. Also the smell is something that stands out. It has an amazing sweet peachy scent that reminds me of summer.

I'm sorry that I couldn't find trustworthy links for worldwide online stores but I'm sure you'll find a way to try these products out since Essence and The Body Shop are in stores all over the world.
I hope you're a having a great day,
Marta Ribeiro xx
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