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by - January 04, 2016

2015 is over and I realised there were many products I loved and definately recommend. I worked my brain and tried to remember every product I used and loved for the last 12 months and I was able to think of all of these skin, body and hair products. Some of these I'm currently using and others I had to dig up my empties bag and get the empty bottles I was saving for an empties video. I hope you enjoy this post and tell me in the comments your favourite skin, body and hair products of 2015, maybe I'll look them up and try them out this year!

Rose Water
Rose water will always remind me of my childhood and the times spent at my grandma's house. Years later I see myself using it for different purposes and enjoying it a lot more. Currently I use it as a toner, after cleansing my skin every night. I love the effect it has on my skin and I highly recommend it.
Água de Rosas - Bonté

Boréade Cleansing Cream
This cleansing cream is different from everything I had ever tried until then. It's a cream, 90% of all ingredients are natural, it's ecological and it has no alcohol, parabens or silicone. This is a great cleansing product but I wouldn't recommend this for normal to dry skin due to its lack of essential oils. It can be very drying unless you have oily skin. And even if you do have oily skin never forget to moisturize everyday after cleansing.
Boréade Creme Lavante - Noviderm
You can get it here.

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser
This cleanser is also different from everything I had ever tried. I had never used a foaming product and I was immediatly very interested in it. It's a great cleanser for oily acne prone skin and it works wonders. I couldn't recommend it more.
Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser - The Body Shop

Pure Nature Organic Calming Face Wash
This face wash is definately the nicest smelling product I have ever put on my face. This face wash has blueberry and lavender extract and besides cleansing my skin it also leaves a calming sensation for those days when my skin has just had enough. This cleanser, unlike the other two I have talked about, is suitable for all skin types.
Pure Nature Organic Blueberry and Lavender Extract Calming Face Wash - Oriflame

Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream
I have talked so much about this day cream I don't want to become a pain in the bottom for all of you reading my blog haha To sum it up I'll just say this day cream is amazingly moisturizing without making my oily face look greasy and my dry spots look dry. Highly recommend it!
Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream - The Body Shop

Fresh Linen Body Wash & Body Lotion
These two little bottles were recently given to me but I have tried them before and I remember them being my favourite body wash and body lotion in a long while. They're incredibly soft and gentle on the skin and they leave my skin smelling absolutly amazing. These are two travel sizes and the ones I had previously gotten were also travel sizes and I'm not sure if there's a bigger size for these products. I managed to find a link for a gift set that also comes with a foam bath.
Fresh Linen Cleanse & Soothe Body Wash and Body Lotion - Grace Cole
You can get it here.

Silky Nourishing Body Cream
This is no other than a miracle. That is the best word to describe this body cream. In Portugal we call this kind of cream that is considered a miracle too called "creme gordo" but the original one can be a bit expensive. This kind of cream is an extremely moisturizing and heavy cream, the best one you could ever try. I had heard stories about stretch marks completely disappearing thanks to this kind of cream so I had to try it. Instead of trying out the original one I decided to get this cheaper one and hoped for the best. To my surprise, after using it for a few months everytime I got out of the shower my stretch marks were almost gone! Due to its heavy consistincy I wouldn't recommend it to people who are a bit sensitive with that kind of stuff because you do have to wait a bit before you can put your clothes on. But other than that this is the perfect cream for anyone with dry skin and/or stretch marks.
Silky Nourshing Body Cream - Dove

Shower Cream &  Reparing Emollient Cream
This duo of shower cream and emollient cream were one of my favourites this past year. As you can see the shower cream bottle is still closed which means I'm already on my second bottle. But no regrets! Everybody around the house loves both of these products and since all of us have dry skin, it's no surprise. The shower cream is rich in essential oils and vitamins and the emollient cream has moisturizing and anti irritating properties and antioxidants. Both shower cream and emollient cream are made for sensitive, dry and irritated skin and it leaves my skin moisturized and smooth.
Creme de Banho & Creme Emoliente Reparador - Barral
You can get the shower cream here and the emollient cream here.

Roll-on Deodorant
This deodorant was suggested to me by a family member who happens to have the same sweat problem as me. This might sound a bit TMI but my sweat smells horrible and I need a really good deodorant to cover it all. So I decided to try this one as that family member told me to and I loved it! No matter how many deodorants I tried I always went back to this one. The smell lasts all day and I don't feel uncomfortable. The only downside of it, in my opinion, was the smell. At first it wasn't a smell I loved. I wasn't bad but it wasn't the kind of smell I was used to. Usually deodorants smell very fresh and slightly floral but this one has a strong almost overpowerful floral scent. But with time I got used to it and now I love it. And this deodorant is also great for your skin because it's alcohol free.
Roll-on Deodorant - Heno de Pravia
You can get it here.

Classic Care Shampoo
This shampoo always caught my eye because of its size and one day I decided to try it. I have oily hair and I never thought I would love a "classic care" shampoo this much. I would always wash my hair with a purifying shampoo because that was the only thing that worked but now I found something else that does the exact same thing but without being as harsh on my hair. During most part of the year I used this shampoo and I still haven't tried anything else.
Classic Care Shampoo - TRESemmé

Total Repair Spray
I've talked about this on a video before and I couldn't not consider this one of my favourite products of the year. It makes my hair so smooth and my split ends disappear as soon as I use it. The orange part is a conditioner and the white one is liquid keratin and before you use you have to shake it well. I have to be honest, the two products in one and the fact you have to shake it was one of the things that made me get it in the first place because how cool is it? It's so cool! I highly recommend for everyone who has split ends and/or dry hair.
Total Repair Spray - Gliss

I hope you're having a great day and don't forget to come back on wednesday for a new post,
Marta Ribeiro xx

Vegan and cruelty-free: Bonté; The Body Shop
Cruelty-free only: Noviderm; Grace Cole

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