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by - December 16, 2015

Having oily skin is not easy and I know what it feels like to do your makeup and 2 hours later having your entire face washed in oil. Over the years I have developed a skincare and makeup routine that allows me to have a matte looking skin for hours. On today's post I'll be sharing it with you.

The Body Shop Seaweed Pore-cleansing Facial Exfoliator

Once a week I exfoliate my skin to get all the dirt out of my pores and to deep cleanse my skin. This step is very important because a clear skin is a clean skin. I wouldn't recommend using this exfoliator more than once a week because it's very harsh and it can dry your skin out or break you out.

Bonté Cleansing Gel

I start off my day by cleansing my skin with this cleansing gel. It deep cleanses your skin while moisturizing it at the same time and it does an amazing job. To get better results use warm water during the entire process to open up you pores and in the end splash your face with cold water to close your pores and tighten your skin.

The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream

After cleansing I moisturize my skin with a mattifying day cream so that my skin is hydrated but matte. This cream is perfect for oily/combination skin. A little bit goes a long way so use a tiny amount and you'll get great results.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Mnimiser

After moisturizing it's time to minimise those pores and mattify the skin. I only use this on my T zone but apply it wherever you feel like you need to. This will keep your skin matte and your pores invisible the entire time you use it.

I have extremely oily skin and I admit this concealer is too drying for me. Usually I use this concealer on strategic parts of my face, otherwise it will look cakey so I only apply it under my eyes and on my T zone to cover up my eye bags and to mattify my T zone (even more). The consistency of this concealer makes it a bit harder to blend it so my tip is blend it with your fingers and you'll get a great result.

If you want a more natural everyday look go for a mattifying BB cream. This one by Garnier is my favourite and it does a great job at giving a light coverage and looking matte throughout the day. Apply it on your entire face and neck for a comfortable and natural makeup look.

Maybelline Affinimat Foundation in 03 Light Sand Beige

This is the foundation I use on an everyday basis and it looks matte during the entire day. The medium coverage is definately buildible. Apply it in thin layers for a more natural look and a makeup brush makes it look more matte while a makeup sponge or your fingers will make it look more luminous.

The final step to having a matte look all day is to apply powder. This Rimmel powder is mattifying and adds a bit of coverage of you apply a generous amount. This powder is perfect for any skin type and it's so lightweight it will never look cakey or feel uncomfortable.

I hope this post helped you and I hope you're having a great day,
Marta Ribeiro xx

Vegan and cruelty-free: The Body Shop; Bonté

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