Catrice All Matt Plus Foundation REVIEW

by - December 30, 2015

Today I bring you the review of this foundation that I've been trying out for the past few days. As you probably know, I have extremely oily skin and matt foundations are the only ones I allow myself to use because I know that if I try a foundation that isn't matt, I'm gonna hate it and my skin will too. I saw this foundation and I decided to try it since my well loved Affinimat is giving it's last pumps.
This foundation is light, not cakey and definately buildible. The coverage is light to medium but with concealer you can achieve a natural and full coverage look. I would've liked it to be more full coverage but for everyday looks it's perfect for me. The color match is great for my skin, it's yellow toned and matt all day long! When it comes to minimizing the appearence of pores I was very disappointed. Even with my The Body Shop Tea Tree pore minimizer, my pores are still a bit visible if somebody's close to my face. The price is fair for the poduct and if you're on a budget this is the foundation for you but I probably won't buy this one again. Unfortunately I haven't found the perfect foundation for me but I will keep hunting!
If you've tried this foundation, tell me in the comments what you think of it.
I hope you're having a great day and don't forget to check out my YouTube channel on friday,
Marta Ribeiro xx

This brand is vegan and cruelty-free.

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